is live edge furniture a fad

Live edge furniture has become extremely desirable in recent years.  It's used for everything from coffee tables to large dining room tables and can be very costly.  Some live edge tables can cost $6000+.  When people are spending that much money on a table, they want to be sure it'll be in style for years to come.  One common question we get is whether or not live edge is just a fad, or if it's here to stay.  In this guide, we'll give you our answer!

First, let me answer your question.  We do believe it's here to stay.  Companies that specialize in live edge wood, like us, have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into building an inventory for this market, and we're still way behind.  Since the slabs can take years to properly dry, they're not something that can be mass-produced.  Because of this, most established companies have a waiting list on their slabs, especially for high-demand species.  For us, it's hard to keep species such as black walnut in stock.  Typically we sell what we get into the shop within days.  We have some customers who have already reserved slabs we haven't even picked up yet.

Another reason we believe it's here to stay is that wood has never really gone out of style.  Though most trends come and go, wood has been used for hundreds of years for furniture.  The reason we think live edge is here to stay is because if the live edge were to go out of style, it can still be painted, cut to make a rectangle table, or finished to be a different color.  The main changes that come and go in the home décor industry are related to colors.  For example, right now gray is in style and it really wasn't just a handful of years ago.  The same goes with white cabinets.  More and more homes are painting their old oak cabinets white.  We expect similar trends to come and go with live edge wood slabs.

Live Edge Furniture is Popular.  But Why?

There are a few reasons why people are willing to spend so much money on live edge slabs and furniture.  Those reasons include:

  • It's all natural.  People love natural finishes and live edge wood slabs, when large enough, are completely natural.  One solid piece, cut from one solid tree.  The natural edge is visually appealing and fits in many styles of homes.
  • It's associated with high class.  Since live edge can be pricey, it's associated with high class.  This can be a good thing for businesses in rooms such as break rooms or conference rooms.  It can help attract new customers or potential employees.
  • They're built to last.  Being one solid piece, the slab tables are known for lasting a very long time if finished properly and maintained.  Our customers typically want a piece that will last them for the next 20+ years, which is why they're willing to invest in a piece of furniture that's more expensive.  Live edge is known for being incredibly sturdy.

So Is Live Edge Here To Stay?

As with any trend, it's impossible to tell for certain, however we do believe it is here to stay for the long haul.  If you have any questions or insights to provide on the topic, drop them in the comments section below!

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