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Live edge tables are known for varying in both length and width. Some tables we build are 12′ + long and 5’+ wide. Others are a fraction of that starting around 5′ by 3′. A common question we get about these tables is from customers wondering how many people each size can seat. In this guide, we’ll breakdown the seating capacities of our dining room tables.

Breakdown of Seating Capacity For Rectangular Tables

Below we breakdown the seating capacity of rectangular tables. Most of our epoxy river tables are designed to be a perfect rectangle and our live edge slab tables typically use relatively straight and even slabs. The charts below should give you a rough idea on the size table you’ll need to fit your family or group. Please note that these are just estimates and table capacity will increase the wider the table is. Our average table is around 42″ wide.

Formal Seating Capacities For Rectangular Tables - 30" Chair Spacing

Table SizeAdult Seating Capacity
54" Long4 People
60"-72" Long6 People
84"-96" Long8 People
108"-120" Long10 People

Family Seating Capacities For Rectangular Tables - 24" Chair Spacing

Table SizeAdult Seating Capacity
54"-66" Long6 People
72"-84" Long8 People
96"-108" Long10 People
120" Long12 People

Circular Table Seating Capacity

Tables that are circular in shape are commonly made with epoxy and wood slabs or from crosscut slabs known as cookies. These tables are typically smaller, but can hold up to 8 people if you have a large enough piece of wood! Below are estimates on how many people you can seat with both formal and family-style seating.

Formal Seating Capacities For Circular Tables - 30" Chair Spacing

Table DiameterAdult Seating Capacity
42"-48"4 People
54"5 People
60"6 People
72"8 People

Family Seating Capacities For Circular Tables - 24" Chair Spacing

Table DiameterAdult Seating Capacity
42"5 People
48"-54"6 People
60"8 People
72"10 People

Benches Vs. Chairs For A Higher Seating Limit

We often make benches for one or both sides of smaller dining tables as they allow you to fit more people at the dining table. Bench seating can also be used for children eating at the table. With benches, you can allow around 18″ of space for each child. This will allow you to seat more people come dinnertime.

If you’re interested in seating more people at a smaller table, bench seating can do just that. Benches can be designed for adults with more supports so that they can hold more weight than those designed for children.

Wondering How Many People Your Live Edge Table Will Fit? We Can Help.

Being honest, the capacity of a live edge table will vary from piece to piece from factors such as the size of the people at the table, the chairs you choose, the base you choose, and the overall width of the table. If you have any questions regarding the capacity of your dream table, simply contact us online. If you’re interested in shopping a specific size based on the seating charts above, simply use the links below!

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  1. David on October 11, 2023 at 3:15 pm

    Can you make an oval table?

    • LLE Support on April 23, 2024 at 8:55 pm

      We’ve done many shapes and sizes including circles. Never and oval, but if you reach out for a quote we could discuss further!

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