what is a cookie slab

Live edge slab "cookies" are crosscut pieces of logs that are typically cut around 3" thick.  These are usually round in shape, but the shape can vary depending on the log they're cut from.

How Much Do Live Edge Cookies Cost?

Live edge slab cookies typically cost $200-$2000 depending on the cookie species and size.  Large cookies of desirable woods, such as black walnut, are more expensive.

Condition will also impact the price.  If the slab has big cracks, it'll cost less.  Live edge cookies will often crack during the drying process, which is why they're hard to find in larger sizes.  If this happens, the supplier will normally discount the slab, or fill the crack with epoxy so it's bonded as one solid piece.

What Are Cookie Cut Slabs Used For?

Cookie slabs are used for many woodworking projects.  This includes high-top tables, dining room tables, coffee tables, and more. These slabs, especially when they're made from unique burls, can make really exotic epoxy tabletops which is why they're is so much demand for them.  We have a hard time keeping our unique cookie slabs in stock.

In Need Of Live Edge Cookies?

If you're interested in live edge cookie slabs, simply shop our inventory online.  We have a growing inventory of cookies and will continue to cut and dry them in the years moving forward.  Click the button below to shop our slabs.

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