Live Edge Coffee Tables

Are you looking for a beautiful centerpiece for your living room space? We offer custom live edge slab coffee tables that will turn the head of anyone who walks into your living room! View some of the coffee tables we've built below and contact us online for a quote on a live edge coffee table!

Custom Options for Our live edge coffee tables

We offer numerous options for our live edge slab coffee tables. If you don't see the one that meets your needs above, we can customize one to your exact needs.  Some things you can customize include:

  • The Slab - We have hundreds of live edge slabs in stock.  Although most of them are for dining room tables, we have also some smaller slabs that can be used for coffee tables. We're currently drying a lot of small slabs, so our inventory of coffee tables will be on the rise!
  • Leg Options - Although you can just order the tabletop, no coffee table is complete without a sturdy set of legs.  We offer legs that are custom fabricated by Morris Hill Metal Craft.  Although their legs are not cheap, they are built to last and essential to building the best coffee table we can offer.
  • Finish - We can finish your coffee table with epoxy, oil, or polyurethane.  Our go-to finish is a hardwax LED oil, but we also offer polyurethane and epoxy finishes if that's what you prefer!  All of these finishes are durable and add a layer of protection to your coffee table.

Common Questions We Get About Our Coffee Tables

How High Do They Sit? They typically sit 16-18" off of the ground. This varies based on the type of legs you choose.  Ideally, they will sit about an inch or two lower than the seat of the couch they sit in front of.

How Do You Finish the Top? We typically sand the top using our wide belt sander then with an orbital sander.  Once sanded, we apply the finish.  On most coffee tables, we use a hardwax LED oil to finish the live edge slab.

Is the Live Edge Sharp? We sand the live edge down so it isn't as sharp.  However, additional sanding may be recommended if you have small children.  We also can router the 90-degree angles formed where the slab is cut to size on the straight ends.

What's the Best Species of Slab to Use? Our customers typically choose between maple, oak, cherry, and ash if they are looking for something lighter.  For a darker finish, we typically use black walnut slabs.

Can I Do Epoxy? Yes! We offer epoxy as a finish or we can do a small epoxy river table.


Your Go-To Source For Live Edge Coffee Tables

We have hundreds of slabs in stock and ready to be finished! If you have a particular coffee table in mind for your living room, we can bring your idea to life. Choose from many hardwood slab species, as well as finishes, leg styles, and more.  Contact Lancaster Live Edge today to discuss your custom coffee table.