10' Long & Larger Live Edge Tables

Seating 10 or more people isn't easy but these tables are built for it.

Customers with large dining areas and big families love our large live edge slabs and our epoxy river dining room tables.  These tables are ideal for seating 10 or more people and are perfect for business lunch rooms, family gatherings, and more.  In this category, you will find all of our past table builds that are 10, 11, 12, or even 13 feet long.

Past Tables We've Built for 10 & More People

What Does A Large Live Edge Table Cost?

10 foot long tables can vary greatly in price.  These large tables typically cost at least $3500 and when they feature an epoxy resin river.  This is the minimum for 10' tables and the price will increase the longer and the wider the table is.  All tables over 10' long require a custom quote.  Due to the size of these tables, they do not follow our standard pricing structure.

We have many 10' wood slabs in stock to use for these tables. Black and English Walnut tables are the most expensive tables in this category and pin oak is the cheapest.  The overall size, including length, thickness, and width will influence price as well.  We recommend going at least 2" thick and 4 feet wide on tables that are this large.  For an exact quote on a 10' or larger dining table, contact us online.  You can also shop our slab inventory online by clicking the button below.

Please note that most slab tables of this size will require bookmatching two slabs as tables this large are typically at least 4' wide.  Some customers ask for table widths as wide as 5 or even 6 feet.

Large Dining Rooms Call For Large Tables

Lancaster Live Edge specializes in large live edge tables.  The vast majority of our slab inventory is 30+ inches in width, making our slabs ideal for massive dining tables that are 4' or wider and 10' or longer..  We offer these tables with some of the best prices and fastest lead times the industry has to offer.  If you're interested in a 10' table to seat up to 12 people, simply contact us online for a quote on your piece!