7' Long Live Edge Dining Tables

7' Long Tables Tables For the Mid-Size Dining Room.

When you need a new 7' long table, the experts at Lancaster Live Edge are here to help. We have hundreds of slabs in our inventory that can be used to make your dream slab table or epoxy river tableContact us for a free quote!

7 and 7.5 Foot Tables We've Built

How Much Does A 7' Table Cost?

The price of a 7' table will vary depending on the species and if you want epoxy.  We have in stock cherry, ash, walnut, maple, pin oak, white oak, red oak, and sycamore.

7' live edge slab tables start at $1350.  Pin oak is our cheapest species and black walnut is the most expensive.  We can also do epoxy tables that are 7' long.  Typically these are rectangular in shape and 42-48" in width.  Four foot wide is for larger dining rooms, but we can do any width you need.  Epoxy river tables cost more than just the slab tables.  These tables start at $2150.

If you're interested in seeing the slabs we have in stock to start on your table, view our inventory by clicking the button below and then contact us online!

How TO Get Started on Your Custom Table

If you're interested in getting started with your custom 7' table build, we're happy to provide you with a free quote.  If you'd like to see our inventory in person, we can schedule an appointment.  Simply contact us online and a representative will follow up with you ASAP so we can get started on your custom piece!