Foyer & Entryway Tables

Eye Catching Tables For Right Inside Your Front Door.

Foyer tables are essentially small rectangle or circle tables that go in the entryway of a home, business, or other building.  These can be small rectangle tables that sit against the wall or sit centered under chandeliers or other light structures.  We typically make these tables to match our custom dining room tables and tie together the entryway and the dining area of a home.

Custom Foyer Tables For Sale

We offer custom foyer tables to our customers who are looking to add a layer of detail to the entrance of their home or business.  These foyer tables can be made from any of our live edge slab species and can be made using cooking slabs, live edge slabs with epoxy, or any other material we offer.  If you'd like a custom-built foyer table for your entryway, simply contact us online and we're happy to give you a custom quote!