Kiln Dried Live Edge Slabs

Kiln Dried Live Edge Slabs

Kiln dried live edge slabs are typically used for making furniture such as dining room tables, desks, shelves, bar tops, coffee tables, countertops, and more. We have a huge inventory of kiln dried live edge slabs ready to ship for your next project.

Kiln dried live edge slabs are typically used for making furniture such as dining room tables, desks, shelves, bar tops, coffee tables, countertops, and more. We have a huge inventory of kiln dried live edge slabs ready to ship for your next project.

A Little About Our Live Edge Slabs

Our live edge slabs are sawn as flitches. This means that the slabs that come from a single log get stored together.  That's why you'll notice that every slab we offer has both a log ID and slab ID noted on the product variant image after you choose the slab you'd like. Slabs with the same log ID come from the same log.

All of the wood slabs we sell are both air and kiln dried.  We do have green live edge slabs as well, but we don't typically recommend using green wood for making tables or other furniture.  The kiln dried slabs are typically air dried for around two years, then put in the kiln.  We recommend only using kiln dried slabs because this will keep the slabs from warping as they naturally dry if you build something out of them when they're green. They are waiting to be crafted into a beautiful table or other piece of furniture!

Please note that all measurements for our live edge slabs are simply estimates.  The width used for each slab is an average of 3 measurements taken at random locations on the slab.  We measured the left, right, and center of each slab.  The width will also shrink by around half an inch (possibly more) if you choose to have us plane and sand your slab.  If you don't choose this service, the slab will be rough cut as pictured.

We now offer local shipping on our slabs, which is subject to 3rd party availability.  We do not assume responsibility for any damage from shipping.  We work with a 3rd party that offers delivery for $40/hr round trip.  Other expenses, such as hotel stays or trailer rentals must be paid up front by the slab buyer.

We are also happy to coordinate a pickup date with you during our normal business hours.  Pickups are at our shop in Quarryville, PA.  Please read our guide about transporting and storing your slabs prior to picking them up. We recommend using a trailer, not a pickup truck for slabs over 8' so they can lay flat.  We are not responsible for any damage or warping after the item is picked up.  Please inspect your slabs at pickup for any defects.


Live Edge Slab Price Chart

Our live edge slab pricing is fairly straight forward.  We calculate the prices based on width, thickness, and total board feet.  The width is based on an average of 3 measurements across the slab.  Any slab listed that doesn't follow this pricing structure would be considered a premium slab.  Premium slabs such as any cookies, burls, or exotic woods in our inventory.

SpeciesUnder 20" Wide20"-29" Wide30"-34" Wide35"-39" Wide40"-44" Wide45"+ Wide
Ash$7/bd. ft.$9/bd. ft.$10/bd. ft.$13/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.
Black Walnut$13/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.$25/bd. ft.$28/bd. ft.
Cherry$8/bd. ft.$10/bd. ft.$14/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.$23/bd. ft.
English Walnut$13/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.$25/bd. ft.$28/bd. ft.
Hickory$8/bd. ft.$10/bd. ft.$12/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.
Maple$9/bd. ft.$12/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.$23/bd. ft.
Sycamore$8/bd. ft.$10/bd. ft.$12/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.$22/bd. ft.
Pin Oak
not available
$5/bd. ft.$7/bd. ft.$8/bd. ft.$10/bd. ft.$12/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.
Red Oak
not available
$6/bd. ft.$8/bd. ft.$9/bd. ft.$11/bd. ft.$14/bd. ft.$17/bd. ft.
White Oak$8/bd. ft.$10/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$17/bd. ft.$20/bd. ft.$23/bd. ft.
Red Elm$10/bd. ft.$12/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$18/bd. ft.$22/bd. ft.$25/bd. ft.
Poplar$5/bd. ft.$7/bd. ft.$9/bd. ft.$12/bd. ft.$15/bd. ft.$17/bd. ft.

Please note that the prices above are used for rough cut live edge slabs.  If you'd like your slab planed and sanded so that it's ready to finish upon arrival, please choose that option when adding the product to your cart.

About Our Slab Milling Operation

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Board Feet of Slabs Cut In-House
sycamore river table

Featured Slab Project

Our friends at Flinchbaugh Engineering purchased 2 massive sycamore slabs in September of 2020.  Lancaster Live Edge flattened and sanded the slabs, and Flinchbaugh took it from there.   This is the largest river pour one of our slab customers has done to date and it turned out beautiful! This table is now the centerpiece in the conference room at their manufacturing facility.

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Slab Info:

Most Expensive - Black Walnut
Cheapest - Pin Oak
Best Seller - Black Walnut
Largest - Sycamore
Most Popular Finish Option - LED Hardwax Oil

Live Edge Slab Sluppier For Those That Buy in Bulk

Did you know Lancaster Live Edge is a leading supplier of wood slabs to furniture builders in the Lancaster County Area? It's true! We have thousands of slabs cut and hundreds dried and ready to ship from a variety of domestic hardwoods.  If you need just one slab for a project, you can order it online. If you need to stock your inventory for upcoming projects, please contact us online.  This will allow us to give you a custom quote for your order, which will save you money on shipping and freight.  If you have your own kiln, please let us know. We have thousands of green live edge slabs if you plan on drying them yourself.

Ready To Buy Live Edge Wood Slabs?

If you're ready to buy live edge slabs, trust Lancaster Live Edge to be your go-to supplier.  Whether you're looking to make yourself a table, or you're in the business of building custom furniture, we can help.  We offer a complete inventory that features hundreds of slabs from 10+ wood species.

Not all of our slabs are listed on the website.  If you have a specific size you need or a specific wood species, we may have it.  If you're interested in seeing the slabs we have available, contact us online to schedule an appointment to visit our shop.  We have slabs large enough for tables, conference tables, custom bar tops, and more.

We also have hundreds of slabs currently drying. If you don't find what you need, simply check back every few weeks. Our inventory is constantly changing as we build custom dining room tables and sell our slabs to customers making their own.