Ash Live Edge Slabs

We offer kiln dried ash live edge wood slabs. They’re ready to use for your next project, whether that be a new dining room table build or desktop! Please contact us online if you have any questions.

Ash Wood Slab Pricing Table

Ash wood slabs are priced by the total board feet within the slab.  This is estimated from 3 measurements on the width of the slab, one measurement of the length and one measurement of the thickness. The price below is for the rough cut slab dimensions, not the planed or sanded dimensions.  The cost of the slabs is straightforward based on the table below.  Flattening fees are not included in this price sheet.

Slab WidthAsh Slabs
20" or Less$7/bd ft
20"-29" Wide$9/bd ft
30"-34" Wide$10/bd ft
35"-39" Wide$13/bd ft
40"-44" Wide$15/bd ft
45"+ Wide$18/bd ft

Ash Slab Information

The majority of our ash slabs are harvesting from Pennsylvania forests. We use ash for grade lumber at our sawmill, but the largest logs get turned into live edge slabs.  We have used our ash slabs to make coffee tables, dining room tables, and even standing desks.  These ash slabs have a very unique grain that cleans up very nicely with a natural finish.

Ash is a light cream and light brown in color.  It's often referred to as American Ash and White Ash and is commonly used for furniture such as tables.  Other uses of ash include baseball bats, instruments, and custom cabinets.  It's known for being easy to finish and for it's easy workability.

Ash Live Edge Slab Project Ideas

See our projects below involving ash slabs.

Order Ash Slabs Online

When you're ready to start your live edge project, Lancaster Live Edge is here to help.  We can build a table or finished piece from any of the ash slabs in stock, or you can buy just the slab to complete the project yourself.  If you're interested in a free project quote or scheduling an appointment to see our slabs in stock, contact us online now!