Cherry Live Edge Slabs

Cherry slabs can get to be 50+ inches wide.  We have numerous cherry logs that are cut into slabs, kiln dried, and ready to use.  Contact us online if you'd like to see any slabs in person!

Rough Cut Cherry Slab Cost Sheet

Cherry is priced according to the table below using the average of the 3 estimates.  Prices are for rough cut slabs and flattening and sanding can be done for additional fees.  Cherry is a middle ground slab, meaning it's not the cheapest slab species we offer and far from the most expensive.  The total board feet of our slabs is calculated using the average of 3 width measurements.

Slab WidthCherry Slab Cost
20" or Less$8/bd ft
20"-29" Wide$10/bd ft
30"-34" Wide$14/bd ft
35"-39" Wide$18/bd ft
40"-44" Wide$20/bd ft
45"+ Wide$23/bd ft

Learn About Cherry Wood

Our inventory of hardwood cherry slabs are mostly harvested from PA forests.  We have cut cherry slabs as wide as 54".  Natural cherry is one of the highest demand wood species in America.  It's smooth grained and comes in a reddish-brown color.  Table makers like us love cherry for it's color and aging process.  It makes for beautiful live edge furniture.

Cherry grains can vary from light pink to a reddish brown.  Since most of our slabs are rough cut, you likely can't see this in the pictures.  We're happy to provide pictures once the slab you like is surface so you can determine if it has the unique grain pattern you're looking for.  We currently have 10+ cherry slabs at our shop, most of which are 30" wide or wider.

Some Of Our Past Work With Cherry Slabs

Order Our Cherry Slabs For Your Next Project

If you're interested in using our cherry wood slabs for your next table or desk build, we're happy to show them to you in person.  We have numerous slabs at our shop that are for sale.  If you have any questions about the cherry wood we have, shoot us a message.  We can also use any of the slabs on this page to build you a custom dining room table!