Maple Live Edge Slabs

We have a large inventory of maple slabs that are kiln dried and ready to use.  We carry spalted maple slabs, wormy maple slabs, curly maple slabs, hard maple slabs, and more.  Our inventory is constantly changing as we sell slabs and craft them into tabletops.  Flattening and sanding are available for our maple slabs.  We can also add a finish to any you'd like to make it into a table or bartop. Please contact us online if you have any questions or if you'd like to shop our inventory.

Ambrosia Maple, Curly Maple, & Spalted Maple Cost Sheet

Maple wood slabs vary in price based on the grain pattern and width.  Maple slabs are priced from $6-$18 a board foot and that varies based on width.  Flattening and sanding are available for an additional fee and add approximately 2 weeks to the pickup time for the slab.  On finished slabs, spalted maple and curly maple will increase the overall cost per board foot.

Slab WidthMaple SlabsSpalted MapleCurly MapleAmbrosia Maple
20" or Less$9/bd ft$10/bd ft$10/bd ft$10/bd ft
20"-29" Wide$12/bd ft$13/bd ft$13/bd ft$13/bd ft
30"-34" Wide$15/bd ft$16/bd ft$16/bd ft$16/bd ft
35"-39" Wide$18/bd ft$19/bd ft$19/bd ft$19/bd ft
40"-44" Wide$20/bd ft$21/bd ft$21/bd ft$21/bd ft
45"+ Wide$23/bd ft$24/bd ft$24/bd ft$24/bd ft

Learn About Our Maple Slabs

Maple wood slabs make for beautiful tabletops.  Maple, when finished, is a creamy white or yellowish in color.  It’s also known for being a pale tan.  The vast majority of a maple slab is white sapwood, which is known for being extremely durable for large furniture, butcher blocks, flooring, and more.  That is why these maple slabs will be great for your next live edge table.

The maple wood slabs we have in stock vary in size and species.  Some maple slabs reach lengths of over 10' and widths over 40".

We offer a variety of maple, including curly maple, ambrosia (or "wormy") maple, hard maple and spalted maple. Our slabs are mostly all harvested from local PA forests, with the exception of some of the hard maple slabs.

If you’re looking for a finished custom table from one of our maple slabs, simply contact us online for a quote.  If you plan on building your own, simply purchase the slab, choose whether you want it planed and sanded, and then we’ll coordinate pick up or delivery to you.

Maple Slab Projects

See below for pictures of our past work with live edge maple wood slabs.

Order Your Maple Slabs

Maple slabs are a very popular choice for tables, counters, and benches.  This hardwood has a grain pattern that varies from slab to slab.  Many of the slabs listed above have ambrosia trails, spalting, curls, or other desirable wood figure.  If you're interested in a particular piece of maple, we're happy to turn it into your dream tabletop!