Pin Oak Live Edge Slabs

Pin oak is very similar to red oak and white oak and much cheaper.  We have numerous pin oak slabs in stock.  Please contact us online to schedule and appointment to see our inventory.  Pin oak can be stained to have a very similar appearance to other species of oak.

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Pin Oak Cost Sheet - Our Cheapest Slab Species

Pin oak is our cheapest species of live edge slabs.  The pricing below is based on the average width of 3 measurements and is for rough cut slabs.  Flattening, sanding, and finishing are available for additional fees.

Slab WidthPin Oak Slab Cost
20" or Less$3/bd ft
20"-29" Wide$4/bd ft
30"-34" Wide$5/bd ft
35"-39" Wide$6/bd ft
40"-44" Wide$8/bd ft
45"+ Wide$10/bd ft

Learn About Pin Oak

Pin oak is typically used for commercial applications such as building pallets, however, it can be used for a handful of other applications such as outdoor tables, work benches, and more.   Outside of commercial applications, it's also used for cabinetry, furniture, trim, and more.  It has a reddish-brown color and can be stained to be darker like black walnut.  The grain tends to be course, but it takes stains and finishes very well.

These slabs are cheaper than other oak types because pin oak doesn't have the same level of rot resistance as white oak does.  It's known for having a minimal durability when compared to other oak trees.  Because of this, we typically do not recommend using it for most projects.

Why Pin Oak Might Not Be Right For Your Table

The pros of working with pin oak are often outweighed by the cons.  Pin oak grows extremely fast when comparing it to other species of wood. Because of this, it has large growth rings.  Pin oak tends to warp and crack much easier than other species of wood.  If you're set on a cheap table or piece, we're happy to build one using a pin oak slab.  That said, we do not warranty any of our pin oak tables, desks, or other products due to the nature of the wood.  That is why we typically recommend this species for applications where size and cost are the most important factors.  It's also important to note that since these slabs often warp a lot during the drying process, the rough cut slabs will lose a lot more of their thickness than other woods.

Pin Oak Slabs Available In Lancaster County, PA

Our pin oak slabs vary in size.  Most of them need to be flattened before being used.  Since many of our pin oak slabs have warping or other defects, we highly recommend seeing them in person before purchasing.  We can flatten them for you and then you can determine if you'd like to purchase them.