Red Oak Live Edge Slabs

Red oak is a beautiful subspecies of oak and it looks amazing with a darker stain or natural finish.  If you have any questions about our red oak slabs, contact us online! All of the slabs listed below are kiln dried.

Red Oak Slab Price Sheet

Our red oak slabs are cheaper than white oak and more expensive than pin oak.  The slabs are priced based on an estimated board feet measurement.  We measure the length and thickness in one spot and the width in 3 spots on the slab.  If you have any questions about red oak pricing, contact us online.  Flattening, sanding, and finishing of the slabs will cost more than what the table below shows.  The price below is for rough cut slabs.

Slab WidthRed Oak Slab Cost
20" or Less$6/bd ft
20"-29" Wide$8/bd ft
30"-34" Wide$9/bd ft
35"-39" Wide$11/bd ft
40"-44" Wide$14/bd ft
45"+ Wide$17/bd ft

A Little About Red Oak

Red oak is a popular wood species for dining tables because it looks beautiful when it's stained with a dark walnut stain and it's a much cheaper option than buying a large walnut slab.  It's widely used for a wide range of projects.

The sapwood of a red oak slab is a whitish to light brown color.  The heartwood is a pinkish or reddish brown, which is where it gets it's name.  Red oak, like other oaks, has typically has a straight grain with a course texture.  This wood is very heavy and it's known for it's strength.

Red Oak Slabs For Sale in Lancaster County, PA

If you're interested in shopping our red oak wood slabs, contact us online.  We can coordinate a showing to let you see our inventory in our woodshop so you can find the perfect slab for your project.  We also have a few samples of finished pieces to give you an idea of what it looks like once it's finished.