Uncommon & Exotic Woods

In this category, you'll find rare and exotic woods, as well as uncommon woods that we don't typically carry in our inventory.  These slabs come from suppliers across the world and are not cut by our sawmill.  Please contact us if you're interested in any of these slabs or if you have any questions about our exotic and uncommon woods.

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200" california pine slab

California Pine Slab


Wood Type: California Pine
Finish: None but surfaced
Length: 200″
Thickness: 2 13/16″
Average Width Estimate: 47″
Left Width: 48″
Right Width: 46″

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What Are Uncommon & Exotic Wood Slabs?

Uncommon woods are woods not typically found in our inventory.  These include imported and exotic woods.  Exotic woods typically come from species found around the world, typically from tropical areas.  Technically speaking, any species that isn't native to North America is considered to be an exotic wood slab.

Most slabs you find in this category were not cut or dried by Lancaster Live Edge.  We buy these from reputable suppliers from across the globe.  We are working with suppliers to greatly expand our selection of exotic wood species and uncommon woods.  Live edge slabs are added to this category when they are larger than our typical slabs, unique species we rarely carry, or unique cuts, such as burls or cookies. We have plenty of domestic hardwood slabs, but many of our customers look for unique slabs for their dining tables.

Contact Us About Our Slabs

If you're interested in one of the slabs from this category, simply contact us online and we'll be in touch! We're also happy to finish any of these slabs into a table if you're interested in a quote.