Live Edge Walnut Slabs

Learn about our black walnut and English walnut slabs here.  Below you'll find pictures of past projects, black walnut slab pricing, and more.  All of the walnut pricing is fo unfinished kiln-dried slabs. Flattening, sanding, and finishing are available for all slabs, but can add to the lead time!

Due to walnut being our best selling species, it often makes it difficult to keep the current inventory updated on the site as it changes weekly.  Please click the button below to contact us to inquire about a specific ballpark size of walnut or to schedule a visit to our shop to view our inventory.

Walnut Slab Price Sheet

Our slabs may vary in cost on a range of factors such as uniqueness, figure, and shape.  However, most of our walnut wood slabs are priced according to the table below.  Figured black and english walnut, for example, curly walnut or crotch cut walnut may have a premium.  To calculate the price per board foot, we measure the length once, the thickness once, and take the average of 3 width measurements to calculate an estimate of the total board feet of wood the slab has.  The prices below do not include flattening, sanding, or finishing fees.  If you're wondering what rough cut, kiln dried live edge walnut slabs cost, reference the table below.

Slab WidthBlack Walnut CostEnglish Walnut Cost
20" or Less$13/bd. ft$13/bd. ft
20"-29" Wide$15/bd. ft$15/bd. ft
30"-34" Wide$18/bd. ft$18/bd. ft
35"-39" Wide$20/bd. ft$20/bd. ft
40"-44" Wide$25/bd. ft$25/bd. ft
45"+ Wide$28/bd. ft$28/bd. ft

A Little About Our Walnut Live Edge Slabs

Black walnut is our best selling live edge slab species.  At times we have a hard time keeping it in stock as it is commonly requested for our custom dining room tables and other projects.  Our inventory of walnut is constantly changing and features both black walnut and english walnut.  We can use any of the slabs on our site to build you the custom slab table of your dreams.  We can finish the slab any way you'd like or sell you the slab as-is.  All of our walnut slabs are both air and kiln dried so they're ready to use for your project.

Working With Walnut wood slabs

Below are some pictures from past projects involving our walnut live edge slabs!

Let's Build Something!

Are you interested in building a custom piece featuring one of our walnut slabs?  We're here to help.  Our team specializes in finishing live edge slabs, epoxy river tables, and more.  If you're interested in a custom quote, please contact us online!