White Oak Live Edge Slabs

White oak is an extremely desirable wood species.  We have numerous white oak slabs in our inventory. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see our dried oak slabs! Please contact us online if you have any questions about our inventory.

White Oak Slab Cost Sheet

White oak slabs have a price structure that varies based on the slab width.  The wider the slab, the more desirable it is, which is why the price per board foot goes up for larger slabs.  Flattening, sanding, and finishing fees are not included in the table below.  The table below has the cost for rough cut slabs only.  Board feet of slabs is calculated by 3 measurements of width, 1 of thickness and one of length.

Slab WidthWhite Oak Slab Cost
20" or Less$8/bd ft
20"-29" Wide$10/bd ft
30"-34" Wide$15/bd ft
35"-39" Wide$17/bd ft
40"-44" Wide$20/bd ft
45"+ Wide$23/bd ft

Past Projects With White Oak Wood

White Oak Information

White oak is known for being durable and features a light to medium brown heartwood that commonly has an olive tint.  The sapwood is very light brown, almost white.

Because it’s light and creamy color, white oak typically stains very nicely. That’s why it’s used frequently by woodworkers for table tops, cabinets, furniture, flooring and more.  These wood slabs, after planed and sanded, will give your table a beautiful finished appearance.

The white oak slabs we have in stock are beautiful and ready to ship. The live edge slabs we have in stock in white oak start at 104″ (or 8’8″) and go all the way up to 138″ (or 11’6″) long.

Order Your White Oak Table Slabs

Our white oak slabs are large enough to use on a dining room table project without any bookmatching.  This is our best selling oak species we offer.  If you'd like to learn about our inventory of white oak slabs, contact us online.