Table Legs For Live Edge Tables

A sturdy base is essential for your live edge table. Larger live edge slabs can weigh a few hundred pounds, so having a base that can support that weight is essential. We recommend a sturdy metal base for your live edge table that has slotted mounting holes so the wood can expand and contract as it needs to with seasonality.

Benefits Of Our Table Bases

Our table bases are hand-selected for this collection.  All metal bases we recommend will feature slotted holes, which allow wood to expand and contract.  They are also designed to be sturdy and work with our tables.

If you would like to use another base option, we're happy to accommodate, however, we do not warranty any table with a base from sites such as etsy unless approved prior to the table being built.  Many of the bases sold online are flimsy in design and have small mounting holes which cause slabs to warp and crack as the wood can't move as freely as it should be able to.

Gallery of Bases on Our Tables

walnut river table aqua epoxy
sycamore live edge table

Dining Table Base FAQ

How do you mount the bases?

We mount the bases using threaded inserts that are held in place with wood glue.  The holes must be perfectly centered on the slotted mounting holes of the base.

Do you do wood bases?

We do not currently offer wood bases as we haven't had luck with finding a base that allows slab wood to expand and contact at least 1/8" per foot wide the slab is.  If you want some wood on your base, we can always use this base with a wood species to match your tabletop.

Do you use c-channel on the bottom of your tables?

The metal bases we offer do a good job at holding tables flat.  However, if the overhang on each side of the mounting plate is over 5", or if the top is more than 30", we typically do recommend c-channel to hold the table top flat.

Do you ship your legs?

We do not currently offer shipping on table legs.

Are there colors other than black for the metal table bases?

Black is the only color kept in stock, however, but custom powder coating can be sourced if another color is desired!

What is the lead time for legs not in stock?

The lead time from our fabricators varies from supplier to supplier.  Estimates of lead times are noted on each of the product pages for the legs we offer.

Do you have legs in stock for other tables?

We do not keep much in stock for coffee tables, desks, etc. These legs are usually purchased through other third parties such as etsy.  Due to their smaller size, we haven't had issues with any suppliers for smaller legs.

I need a custom size, can it be done?

Custom sizes such as heights, widths, etc can be done in some, but not all of our leg styles.  Contact us online if you have a question about a specific base.

How high are your bases?

Dining table legs are typically 28-32" high.  The height on each of the leg options above is noted on the product page.  Bar height legs are usually 40".

Questions About Our Table Legs?

If you have any questions regarding the legs for your live edge dining table, simply contact us online!  We can discuss your options and answer any questions you may have via email!