What is your lead time?

Lead time on tabletops is typically around 13-15 weeks. If a custom base is needed lead times will vary based on our supplier lead times.

Do you deliver?

We can deliver tables for a fee.  Please provide an address for delivery when you contact us and we can provide you with a delivery/install estimate.

Can I meet you on the weekend?

Our hours are 8-4pm and we can meet at our shop in Quarryville, PA upon request. An appointment must be scheduled. We are closed on weekends but pickups may be coordinated if we have employee availability.

Do you offer a warranty?

We do offer a 6 month warranty on all tables we build from start to finish, which includes leg installation.  If you assume any work on the piece, such as finishing the slab or mounting the base, this voids the warranty.

We do not offer any warranty on slab sales.

Click here to learn more about our table warranty.

A have a log, will you cut it into slabs for me?

At the moment we do not have the capacity on our chainsaw mill to cut additional slabs.

What do I need to pick up my product?

You'll want to bring a vehicle with enough room to fit the entire product.  If a slab is hanging off the bed of a truck it may warp. Your slab or piece of furniture should be wrapped in moving blankets and strapped so it doesn't move.

Please do not pick up your product on a day that it is raining or snowing, or it will void any and all warranties.  Any amount of time in the rain or snow can lead to issues with your piece.

We are not responsible for any damage after the product leaves our shop. Please be sure to inspect your piece upon pickup.

My slab warped/cracked - what now?
Warping and or cracking is common if slabs are not stored properly, not mounted to a base, or mounted incorrectly.  We have resources on our blog about these issues.

What do you charge for flattening and sanding?

For local pickup orders, flattening and sanding costs $80 per hour.  We can offer this service only though results of final thickness are dependent on the condition of your slabs. We cannot guarantee a specific thickness of your finished product as that is dependent on how flat your slabs are to begin with.

Do you have your own kiln?

We do have an iDry kiln. We kiln dry our slabs after ~2 years of air drying. Learn more about the drying process here.

How much do the tables cost?

Live edge slab tables start at $1250. Epoxy river tables start at $2500. Learn more about our pricing here.

How much do slabs cost?

Slabs are priced by the board footage before planing or sanding. Price varies by species and width. See our slab pricing here.

Where do you get your legs?

We source our legs from multiple suppliers, most of which are local to Lancaster County.  Our leg options can be seen here.

Are your slabs bookmatched?

Typically no, but they can be for a larger tabletop. Our slabs are all one solid piece unless otherwise noted. We can bookmatch slabs if a wider piece is needed for a project.

Can I buy an entire log?

Typically yes unless we have projects in our queue that require the dimensions of the slabs within the log you want to buy.

What finishes do you use?

Typically we use LED hardwax oil. Click here to learn more about this finish. We can also use epoxy or polyurethane if requested for an additional fee.

Are your tables food safe and waterproof?

LED hardwax oil, which is what we normally finish with, is considered food safe.
It is also considered highly water resistant, but not waterproof. The manufacturer does recommend using coasters, however we haven't had issues with customers that haven't.

What if I don't like how my table turned out?

Lancaster Live Edge cannot guarantee exactly matching an epoxy color or shape of slab.  If we build a custom piece you are not happy with we will refund your downpayment.