C-Channel For Live Edge Tables


This c-channel is designed to be installed on the bottom of live edge tables.  It gets inlayed into the wood using a router.  The slotted holes are designed to allow wood to expand and contract and the structure of these is designed to keep the wood from warping while it moves.

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Detailed Specs on Our Table C-Channel:

  • We offer this c-channel to our slab customers and table customers.  We can make this c-channel in any size.  We typically recommend 2 or more pieces of c-channel for any slab top greater than 30″ in width.
  • We typically have this in stock in sizes up to 54″ wide.  Lead time for any size we don’t have in stock is 2-4 weeks.
  • You will need a router and a straight edge to install this.  We recommend mounting the c-channel using threaded wood inserts and bolts.
  • We recommend going at least 1/2″ wider than needed on your inlays so the channel doesn’t hold the wood from moving.
  • The mounting slots are over 1″ wide, allowing for plenty of room for the wood to move.
  • These pieces cost $75/piece.  We do not offer shipping on c-channel.
  • If you have any questions on using c-channel on your live edge table, please contact us online!