Live Edge Bars & Bartops

Custom live edge bar tops for restaurants and home bars.

Live edge bar tops are one of the most popular products we offer.  Live edge wood can make any bar stand out.  Whether you're a restaurant looking for a new bar top, or a homeowner building the basement bar of your dreams, Lancaster Live Edge can help. Contact us for a free quote!

Past Bar Top Projects

A Little About Our Bars

We can build a custom bar top that has an epoxy river or one that just features live edge wood.   Please note that we do not build the bar bases for these projects.  A contractor or cabinet shop will be needed for the build of the base, and the top can be done by Lancaster Live Edge.

If you're looking for a metal base on your bar, that is something we can provide.   Our bars can be used for breakfast areas, enjoying a beer with your friends, or even an eye-catching centerpiece for your business that your patrons can enjoy for years to come.

Bar Top Pricing

Custom live edge bar tops typically run between $1000-$4000.  This will vary based on a few different factors, including:

  • Species of wood
  • Size
  • Finish
  • Amount of epoxy
  • If delivery and install is needed
  • Base (if we supply it)

The biggest variant in price will be size and species.  Walnut bar tops are the most expensive and pin oak is the cheapest.  All of our slabs are priced by the board foot, so pricing will also vary based on the size of your bar.  The next biggest variant will be the amount of epoxy needed.  Epoxy bar tops will be more expensive than bar tops just featuring a live edge.

Getting Started With Your Custom Bar Top Build

Getting started is easy.  We will just need a drawing of the bar top shape with the exact dimensions you're looking for.  It's also helpful if you review our slab inventory and choose the slab you'd like us to use for the piece.

Once we know the slab you'd like to use and specs, we will be able to provide you with a custom quote for your bar top.  Simply contact us online to get started!