Warranty & Buyback Program

Lancaster Live Edge offers a 6 month warranty on all tables we build from start to finish.  This warranty is only valid if we do ALL work on the piece - including mounting the base.  This warranty is not valid for slab sales, only tables.

This warranty does not cover wear and tear such as scratches from use.  It covers major table issues such as:

  • Warping of slabs
  • Slabs cracking
  • Some epoxy issues such as cracking
  • Gaps over 1/16" appearing in joints

Many issues that arise with live edge tables come from not properly mounting the base and not properly storing your slabs.  For this reason, we only assume responsibility for tables we build from start to finish.  If you are doing work on your piece, we recommend viewing the resources on our blog and doing your research before building or assembling the piece.

How The Buyback Program Works

The buyback program is pretty simple.  If your table has issues you believe to be a defect, contact us online.  If we deem your table to have a manufacturer issue, and it falls under one of the bullet points above, we will offer a buyback of the piece for the price you paid.  We do not refund any delivery fees.  If you'd like for us to buyback your table, you must:

  • Meet requirements for the buyback and get approval from our team that we will buy back the piece.
  • Coordinate delivery of the piece back to our shop in Quarryville, PA.  We do not offer pick up for this program.
  • Deliver on a day with nice weather.  Putting a piece in a truck bed on a rainy or snowy day will void the warranty as this will likely cause the piece to warp once it dries back out.

If you decide you would like us to build you a replacement table, we can certainly do so.   However, the price may slightly vary depending on the slabs and epoxy we use.  It may be slightly more or slightly less expensive depending on these factors.

Have A Table With Issues?

If you have a table with issues that we built from start to finish that you believe is eligible for the buyback program, please contact us online and share any pictures of the issues.